As well as brownie boxes, you can also order slabs, celebration brownies and sharing/grazing boards.

Slabs are available and come uncut at approx 8" x 8" leaving you to cut it as you so wish.

Please note these currently can NOT be mailed out, so are only available for local delivery or collection.

Original Chocolate £20.00

Flavoured & Topped £24.00

Or if you can't choose which flavour then opt for a sharing half & half slab £24.00

Birthday / Celebration Box £20.00

Birthday / Celebration Slab £40.00

Brownie Stacks for Weddings and Parties from £75.00

From 1st October - 28th February, the hot chocolate grazing board is available. 4 Belgian hot chocolate spoons, 12 bitesize brownies, 8 shortbread stars, flakes, mini marshmallows and a trio of chocolate chips ~ £20.00

From 1st March - 30th September, the brownie dipping box is available. 16 bitesize brownies, 12 shortbread hearts, fresh strawberries, marshmallows and 3 dipping sauces (salted caramel, chocolate, white hazelnut chocolate) ~ £20.00