Our story

Founded in April 2020, Donna started the business with 2 brownie tins and her home kitchen with a single oven.

2020 was a strange year, however, I was very fortunate to grow a business during one of the most difficult times in our history. With a lockdown upon us, people had to stay at home. I needed a focus and I had a little dream of doing this business but always found an excuse to not take it to the actual development stage! 

I registered as a food business, did my food hygiene course online, researched for days on the best ingredients to buy and then had to find a company who had stock and could deliver to me, made a few social media pages, built a basic website, purchased packaging, perfected my recipe (took quite a while) baked them, advertised them, delivered them and then Harvest View Brownies was established.

I began literally with delivering orders to peoples homes and the orders continued to come in and grow. In the September, I started trading as part of Hampshire Farmer's Market, I was approached by a local pop up cafe to supply them with brownies and then over the next few months the brownies went into other places. I was working long hours and often 7 days a week. In the December I realised it was no longer viable to bake from the home kitchen (yes this is still producing from home) and in January 2021 I moved into a little commercial style kitchen. It was utter bliss to separate work from home life! My own little sanctuary and I love it.

The business continued to grow, and my niece Laura started to pop over in her free time to help with packing, shopping, ordering etc (I think she got sick of the free brownies) and in the Spring I realised I needed permanent help, so I offered her a permanent contract and she joined HVB in June.

The business has continued to flourish and in September we made the decision to find larger premises as sadly we have outgrown our current unit. We finally found a shop in the local area that can take us to the next stage, and we now await the final preparations.

It's gone from 'me' to 'we' and it's all very exciting.

If you have purchased from us, thank you so much as your continued support and custom has played a huge part in getting HVB to where it is today.

Love from Donna & Laura x